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The combination of amber and silver is so common that sometimes it may seem to be cliché. However, in the hands of a creative artist it may rise to the range of a masterpiece. Just like it was the case with Tomasz Ogrodowski and his ring Amber and Silver from 1998.

A sculpture of a woman, which is being presented at an exhibition at the Amber Museum, belongs to the limited collection inspired by the beauty and harmony of the female body. It was created in the 1990s. as a result of cooperation with a popular sculptor - Jacek Sumeradzki.

There is a unique exhibit to be seen at the Amber Museum in Cracow: a copy of the amber necklace which used to belong to Duchess Sybilla of Brzeg. While making the copy, Marta Włodarska discovered that the original necklace from 1610, exhibited at the Castle Museum in Malbork, is not in fact the original either...

The opening of the Amber Museum was accompanied by a fashion show featuring. There were tree jewellery and fashion collections presented by fashion and jewellery designers.

Friday September 13th left an amber mark in the history of Cracow. Guests from all over Poland - amber lovers came to celebrate this unusual event.

"I had wanted to open a place like that for a long time. I wanted to create a place in Cracow which would present amber in an attractive, but also multidimensional way. So far, our activities have focused on presenting the aesthetic values of contemporary amber products. At the museum, though, we have combined amber products with educational values" - explains Tomasz Mikołajczyk, the initiator.

Kayah likes and wears amber, which to a large extent determined the decision about granting her the honorary title of the Amber Ambassador. In her first interview following her nomination she is telling us who perceives amber and how she is going to promote it.

Tomasz Mikołajczyk, who has been involved in the amber industry for 25 years, is telling us about his latest project which "surpasses all accepted schemes and standards". The project is a private Museum of Amber in Cracow and the purchase of spectrometer which is meant to "bring the market back to normal".

Amberif 2013 | Gala Amber Look: TEMPTATION

The Trend Book publication aims to present the avant-garde nature of Baltic amber, by showing unique jewellery by Polish designers in the context of stylistic trends of authors' design and design art.

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