Amber + Silver = Rarity

The combination of amber and silver is so common that sometimes it may seem to be cliché. However, in the hands of a creative artist it may rise to the range of a masterpiece. Just like it was the case with Tomasz Ogrodowski and his ring Amber and Silver from 1998.

The ring that was created nearly 20 years ago still surprises and charms with its concept which refers to the constructivism trend. Naturally, the decorative value is important here, though the unique idea of combining amber with silver is definitely predominant here. "I had a piece of amber to use and I wanted to frame it in an unconventional way. As I enjoy a challenge I thought about suspending a flat amber disc, so as it would resemble a modern bridge. In this way I achieved an additional effect that would not have been possible had I used a standard frame. The beauty of natural stone has been additionally emphasised by the light that falls onto it from two sides" - explained the designer.

Amber is suspended here on nylon cords in such a way that it doesn't touch the silver frame in any place, yet it is solidly settled, giving an impression of lightness, or even etherealness. It is one of the features of amber that makes even the impressive forms appear light. "I like working with amber, as its natural beauty can be used in many different ways" - maintains the designer. Though, he doesn't have too many amber jewellery projects, which makes each of the ones he has created a rarity.

Tomasz Ogrodowski has been designing jewellery for over 30 years. He treats usable objects with the same dose of creativity as jewellery. He has been cooperating with the Swarovski company for many years, and his projects are published in the company's Trend Book He specialises in 3-D design - he has a lot of achievements in this field, as well as participating in international exhibitions.


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