Agapė Agapė

Agapė - a new exhibit

During this year's trade fair Amber Trip in Lithuania, Amber Museum aqcuired a new exhibit, thereby enriching its collection.


Author: Reimundas Padleckas, Vilnius, Lithuania
Objects: „Agapė“
Materials: amber,walnut shell, a fork found in the attic of an old house in Klaipèda dated back to the interwar period; a pre-WWI saucer, a legacy from the artist's grandfather; a knife from the early 20th century.

The author about the work of art: This is treat for friends. Best friends deserve a hearty reward, i.e. the friendliest thoughts and the sincerest emotions. These materialise taking the shape of imaginary fruit in the pieces of amber.This is a treat for the soul. Broken and folded vintage dishes and utensils from the early 20th century symbolise the flow of time. The food for the soul remains the same and cannot be affected by the time. R. Mènulio Katinas.

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