Tips 09 May 2017

The fauna and flora of the amber forest - a few words about inclusions in Baltic amber

Meet traces of life 40 million years ago preserved in Baltic amber.


The inclusions in Baltic amber include everything that was given to it naturally, when the resin flowed from the trees. These are mainly plants and animals that lived in the amber forest, but they can also be air bubbles, water, dust, sand or pyrite.

The amber nuggets contain numerous animals inclusions. First of all, common insects whose size does not exceed one centimeter. Very rarely it can be larger insects. Based on years of research of paleontologists, we can certainly say that in the amber forest lived birds, reptiles and mammals. Proof of this are the various inclusions, among others: mammals' hair, small lizards, snail shells or bird feathers. The lumps of amber can also include specific indentations that look like paw prints of animals.

Flora is quite rare. Based on the found fragments of bark, wood, flowers and spores, leaves and needles was estimated that in the amber forest grew about 215 species of plants. It is impossible to list all of them here. These included sequoia trees, date palms, oaks, chestnut trees, olive trees and cinnamon, maple, wild vines, ferns, grasses, shrubs tea, mosses, lichens, fungi and many species of conifers.

Inslusions in the Baltic amber have always been treated in a special way. Currently, they are sought after, admired, appreciated. There are also the subject of research. They must be treated with due respect, because it depicts "life" from millions of years.



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