Winged horse = "god of thunder"

Greek mythology says that the winged horse born from the blood of Medusa. And what inspired K.J.Sumeradzki to create this sculpture?

Krzysztof Jacek Sumeradzki is a contemporary artist-sculptor, a graduate post-secondary study of Advertising in Ciechanow, member of the Association of Creative Work in Ciechanów and the Association of Polish Artists Polish Art in Warsaw. A passion for art probably inherited from his mother, who was an art teacher. Artistic achievements Sumeradzki can be admired in exhibitions organized not only in the country but also abroad.

In his works he refers not only to modern times, but also legendary, fantastic and mythological figures. Many of his sculptures have human figures. Sumeradzki his sculptures performs mainly in wood, combining them with Baltic amber, copper, silver, precious stones and crystals. According to the authors: "Wood is gaining the fullness of life in combination with other materials." His adventure with amber began fairs Dominican, where he bought valuable nuggets "gold of the north".


* archival article from February 2016 written by Anna Napora

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