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Tips 14 Jan 2017

Location and extraction amber

Most people associate with amber stones, which can be found on the sandy beaches.

However, what is in the present moment we find them, only a small percentage of the world's extraction amber. Mainly Baltic amber is deposited underground. The world's largest deposits are located in Kaliningrad, in Ukraine and in Polish in the Chlapowo area.The oldest way of acquiring amber is catching it with special network mounted on the rim so. "kaszorki". Fishers dressed in long rubber pants gather what hides Baltic bottom. On the shore searching fished treasures hoping that you will find a golden stone. Amber deposited under the ground is excavated by means of hydraulic or cast method. Hydraulic method consists in that in the region extraction enclosure is formed, the hole with which we extract amber pressurized water is injected, under pressure amber with spoil is raised up. It all catches up to the network. Then, to separate amber from the rest rinsing it in water with salt using density differences amber floats, the rest of the sinking. The essence of the method is cast image overlay on the natural residual amber and washing sieve different density of the extracted ore. It was from the mines come from the largest amounts of amber. The Kalinigrad (Sambia) amber ~ 50 m below the surface and is mined opencast. In the area of ​​Chłapowo is deposited much deeper ~ 150 m below the surface. Despite the fact that in Poland resources are 6 times more than in Sambia, at the moment there is no possibility of their extraction.

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