Tips 10 Feb 2018

Between history and modernity

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Amber already in the Paleolithic times was used to make all kinds of decorations. He was known to ancient Greeks, Romans or Egyptians. He appeared in legends and local stories as well as during religious rites.

It is interesting to note that amber deposits are scattered in many parts of the world (including Africa, America or Australia), but as much as 90% of the world's deposits can be found near Poland - in the Kaliningrad region. This makes amber strongly embedded in our jewelery tradition, and the variety of Baltic amber is the variety most appreciated by the artists.

The Amber Museum is one of those unique places that combines history and tradition with the latest trends and inspirations. We will find solids in which time has stopped - ambers with remains of animals, plants or minerals from prehistoric ages (inclusions). On the other hand, in our resources you will find collections of esteemed artists, both Polish and foreign. In addition to jewelry (earrings, necklaces and rings) you can find elegant accessories for home or office - lamps, chess, paper cutting knives.

It is important that the products offered, in addition to decorative functions, are at the same time a successful capital investment.

We cordially invite you to our stores and to visit the museum free of charge, where you can have a nice time in our cafe surrounded by the history and art of amber.

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