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Jan Pomianowski - an outstanding artist from Kashubia

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      Today's article presents another outstanding artist of the amber world, cooperating with the Amber Museum in Krakow and the galleries of Borunia. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the figure of Jan Pomianowski - an artist whose jewelry even has a royal pair.

     Jan Pomianowski was born in Gdynia, but for over twenty years he lives and creates in Kashubia. He graduated in painting at the State Higher School of Fine Arts, currently functioning as the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk.

      For the quarter-century associated with the jewelery industry, he constantly develops new collections, in which he often modifies style, materials, concepts, and distinctions. Each jewelery, therefore, has new features, which makes the collections of Jan Pomianowski characterized by so often sought-after uniqueness.

      The artist in the design and creation of jewelry often draws inspiration from the world of fairy tales, fairy tales, as well as from his personal experiences. An example of this is the history of the ring with the image of an owl sitting on a branch carved in amber. Owls remembered from the earliest childhood, because living in a tree adjacent to his family home. The most likely effect of such an approach to work are emotions, and it's the positive emotions that one experiences when dealing with this jewelry. In addition to the extraordinary imagination, the artist is also characterized by reliability, precision and the ability to choose the way of implementation to the concept. Ready jewelery therefore consists of detailed elements, perfectly matched to the whole, creating a unique, handmade product. All items are color and functionally matched. This makes the artist's works, in addition to the artistic function, can also be practical. A great example is a set for shaving by Jan Pomianowski, consisting of a bowl, razors with a replaceable blade and a brush with natural badger hair (the product is available in our gallery).

      The involvement of the artist in his work reveals his active participation in many of the most important fairs and events in the jewelery world. Jan Pomianowski participates in the Amberif, Inhorgenta and Tucson fairs.

      An interesting anecdote is the fact that during the visit of the Norwegian royal couple in Poland in 2012, the then presidential couple of the State of Komorowski donated to JKM Sonja a set by Jan Pomianowski. This set was named after the queen of Poland - Anna Jagiellon and comes from the series "Big Queens".

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