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Amber Defends Itself - an interview with Kayah Fot. Kayax
Interviews 03 Jun 2013

Amber Defends Itself - an interview with Kayah

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Kayah likes and wears amber, which to a large extent determined the decision about granting her the honorary title of the Amber Ambassador. In her first interview following her nomination she is telling us who perceives amber and how she is going to promote it.

"Thanks to such events as this one, amber has a chance to make people stop associating it with tacky souvenirs sold on stalls in seaside towns" - that was your comment to the Amber and Fashion Gala Amber Look 2013. Did you like it?

The event was organised with a flourish, but also in a very friendly and nice atmosphere. There was no blast, which rarely happens in Warsaw, and what I find really off-putting. There were no pushy photographers, I didn't feel any snobbery, or "the smell of the rancid crème of the society", people were warm and smiled a lot. I didn't notice anybody pushing to be in the limelight - and I really liked that. Naturally, I also enjoyed the shows: all of them were magical, and the level of the products on offer was really high. I was very pleased with the whole thing, though I have my definite favourites. The models attracted my attention, too. Mostly because they were not "hangers", but totally normal, attractive women (laughs). The musical setting also deserves an applause, especially Kajetan Konieczny.

And what did you think about the amber jewellery presented there? Is it attractive enough to be widely accepted by Polish women?

Oh, I'm positive it is! What we have seen there was nothing like the products on the stalls in seaside towns! Amber is a noble material, which combined with an artistic, modern, and brave concept really gains a lot.

Is it really "an enviable and desirable object"?

Saying that I was thinking more about the wonderful presents which I received during the gala, that is, a beautiful necklace and pen. I know that the necklace was created especially for me and it is perfect! First of all, it is the right size, and I'm not a minimalist (laughs). I like wearing jewellery which emphasises my height, and makes me look taller. I really like the author's concept of uisng matt amber, instead of polishing it. The necklace has its own, very ethnic character, which also is really "my style". Yes, it is jewellery for big occasions, but there are a lots of those in my life. The pen, on the other hand, really took my breath away. It is a very elegant and exclusive gadget. We will use it in Kayax to sign contracts with our talented artists. I regret now that I didn't have it earlier, when we singed contracts with Monika Brodka or Hey and Kasia Nosowska. It's really enviable! Also, the title of the Ambassador of Amber is a great honour to me. And amber really defends itself.

As the Ambassador of Amber you want to "bring back the freshness and modernity" of this stone - how?

It is really important to me to promote the original and artistic jewellery, but that's not all. I am also going to promote Polish amber and Polish artists abroad. I am planning to go down the amber trail to Morocco and Spain. I hope that I will be able to get interesting information and promote it in a book, that is meant to be a kind of journey diary. I wish we would treat amber as a valuable national good, and be really proud of the artists who create pieces with amber playing the main role.

Your predecessors - Lidia Popiel and Monika Richardson - didn't often appear wearing amber jewellery in public. How are you going to fulfil this task?

Perhaps they didn't such beautiful presents? (laugh) I even wore an amber necklace from my private collection for the gala. I wear amber really often, usually they are short necklaces that I go for, especially due to the positive influence they have on my thyroid and larynx. I also believe in the curative properties of amber liqueur.

What amber jewellery will you be wearing: what you choose yourself or will you be given the jewellery selected for you?

Oh, try to force me to do anything (laughs).

Kayah is a popular Polish singer, composer, lyrics writer, owner of the record company Kayax. During her solo music career she was awarded the most important music awards, including the ones for the best singer, composer, song and album. For the next 3 years, as a honorary Ambassador of Amber she will be promoting this unique stone and its products.

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