Baltic amber vs Colombian copal

Comparative characteristics of IR spectra. Amber can basically be divided into varieties and types by its place of origin and occurrence. Its diversity, beauty and uniqueness are determined not only by the region in which this "amber" was created, but also the conditions and type of raw material from which it was created. Over a hundred varieties of fossil resins are known worldwide. [...]

Smaller and bigger truths about the creation of amber

Amber in the world of myths and legends. The creation of amber was preceded by numerous myths and legends. In Greek mythology, the reference to the creation of the bush is found in the history of Faeton, son of Helios - the god of the Sun. One day, Phaeton asked his father for permission to ride a sunny chariot. The father was persuaded by his son. However, Phaeton, who was not trained in driving, led the solar chariot too closely [...]

Discover the magical and healing power of amber

His power was believed from the earliest times. This faith has survived to this day. Amber contains many valuable microelements, such as: silicon, magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium, organic compounds combined with iodine, volatile substances, resin acids. It was found that succinic acid acts as a biostimulator - it stimulates the nervous system, regulates kidney and intestinal function, is an anti-inflammatory and anti-toxic agent. On [...]