Agapė - a new exhibit

September 16, 2016 /  

The Amber Museum at this year's Amber Trip in Lithuania has acquired a new exhibit, thus enriching its collection.

Author: Reimundas Padleckas, Vilnius, Lithuania
Object: "Agape"
materials: amber, walnut shell, fork - found in Klaipeda, in the attic of an old house, comes from the period of World War I-II. Plate - the inheritance of the artist's grandfather, comes from pre-war times. Knife - comes from the beginning of the 20th century.

The author's word about his work: It is a treat for guests. Best friends want to help themselves from the heart. These are friendly and warm thoughts. They materialize, have form, grow out as fantastic fruit in pieces of amber. It's a spiritual feast. Antique dishes (early 20th century) broken and folded symbolize the passage of time. And the food - for the soul is always the same. It's out of time range. R. Moon cat

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Amber - its beauty and history

Visiting the "Amber - its beauty and history" exhibition is possible both individually and in organized groups (min. 5 people). However, please arrange the groups in advance so that we can be even better prepared for your visit and agree on all the details.
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