"Amber. Polish Treasure" - a report from the exhibition at the ISEZ PAN Natural History Museum in Krakow

From December 14, 2022 until March 10, 2023 In the Natural History Museum of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Krakow, an exhibition entitled "Amber. Polish Treasure" is available to visitors. This exhibition presents a wide range of works using amber in decorative objects and jewellery. It is an opportunity to get to know the works involved in the promotion of the City of Gdańsk as the world capital of amber. […]

Flowers of Podlasie - the Bondarowski collection

Feerie of colors, Art Nouveau composition and elaborate decorations, or a few words about the collection dedicated to endangered species of plants from the Podlasie region prepared by the Bondarowski brand to celebrate the centenary of Poland regaining independence. The latest collection of Podlasie flora is a kind of tribute to Polish nature. Although the presented species are "ours" they seem to be exotic because of [...]

Jacek Baron's new collection seduces at first sight

Sometimes one look is enough to be seduced by the charm of sophisticated jewelry. Instead of fighting this feeling, it is better to enjoy the senses with the beauty of the artist's form, nature and craftsmanship. This is what the latest collection of Jacek Baron offers. It is important that there are no two identical forms, and the uniqueness of the products is emphasized by the artist with subtle and meticulously made bindings of the highest quality [...]

The "Amber - its beauty and history" exhibition at the Amber Museum in Krakow

The newly opened Amber Museum in Krakow has prepared a real treat for amber lovers and those who are not yet: the "Amber - its beauty and history" exhibition, which introduces the world of this fascinating stone. The "Amber - beauty and history" exhibition introduces visitors to basic knowledge about amber, the most abundant organic mineral in Poland, for centuries [...]

Amber crème de la crème

Collection Supernatural is a unique collection that perfectly fits our goal of showing the beauty of amber. These are selected, the most beautiful products made of or decorated with Baltic amber and natural lumps of exceptional beauty. A unique museum, unique amber, unique collections. Collection Supernatural is like amber crème de la crème. These are the most beautiful examples of amber craftsmanship and unconventional [...]