Exhibits donated

Thank you very much for the exhibits donated to the Amber Museum, thanks to which our exhibition becomes even more interesting
Małgorzata Wąsowska Jewelery Company: an amber angel
Ludwik Dumin: a natural form of amber
Ryszard Jasiewicz: a vase
Jarosław Litwin: amber with a "mist"
Andrzej Wiszniewski (Amber Planet - EBJ): natural lump "Eagle" (pyrite embedded in amber)
Mateusz Danielczyk: an amber nugget with a bow tie inclusion
Janusz Pawlik (Progres): amber drops
Ewa Rachoń: bracelet by Maryna Lewicka-Wala
Dariusz Z pilotski (New Age Amber Design): sugar bowl
Dariusz Z pilotski (New Age Amber Design): an object with a natural nugget of amber set in silver
Jarosław Lis (Necklace): an amber ship
Please contact people who have interesting natural specimens (lumps, inclusions) and finished products (jewelry, applied arts) interested in paying or free access to the Museum's own collection, which is being gradually expanded.

Thank you for your support and kindness.

Free visiting the exhibition

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Amber - its beauty and history

Visiting the "Amber - its beauty and history" exhibition is possible both individually and in organized groups (min. 5 people). However, please arrange the groups in advance so that we can be even better prepared for your visit and agree on all the details.
Reservations by phone number +48 601 82 46 46
For individual customers visiting the exhibition with a guide - every Sunday at 12:00

Exhibits on the blog

Amber Chariot

One of the stories is that ambers are fossilized tears of Heliad, Faeton's sisters who was the son of the sun god. Harald Popkiewicz inspired by mythical history and sunny stone, created a unique object that can be admired in our Museum. Spring has come to the Amber Museum, due to a sunny chariot by Harald Popkiewicz, illuminating the Museum. "Chariot" was created in 2006. By […]

Sophisticated simplicity and elegance in Eugeniusz Salwierz

From the piece of "Baltic gold" extracts what is most valuable under its surface Eugeniusz Salwierz is a Krakow artist. He started with creating jewelry made of acrylic glass. Later he switched to amber, and his love for him was born in the mid-90s from the Dominican Fairs in Gdańsk. In the book "Amber not only on the Baltic", in conversation with Anna Sado [...]

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