is your amber real?

Amber Laboratory

Check if your amber is real! Research on amber products using the reliable infrared spectroscopy method.

We encourage you to check the authenticity of Baltic amber and products made from it on the only spectrometer used in Krakow - and one of three used for this purpose throughout Poland.

Currently, finding the authenticity of amber is becoming more and more difficult due to the increasingly perfect imitations that are difficult to recognize. The victims of these unfair practices are not only end customers but also the owners of jewelry stores and shops who do not have access to research equipment.

Such apparatus - a reliable, modern NICOLET iS10 spectrometer with ATR attachment - is available in the Amber Laboratory operating at the Amber Museum in Krakow at ul. St. John 2. This method uses mid-infrared light, which, bouncing off the outer surface of the sample, causes vibrations of bonds between atoms, which are recorded as the spectral spectrum characteristic of a given substance.

The tests are confirmed by a special certificate signed by the Amber Portal The certificate is in English, you will find there information such as: weight, color, additional materials used in the jewelry product (type and test of metal) and annotation on the known modification processes that the amber was subjected to. Attachments attached to the certificate are a photo of the tested product and a printout of the spectral spectrum along with information on how the sample (in %) matches the succinite standards.
The market price for the test is 30 PLN per item, while the cost of testing with issuing a certificate - 50 zł.
If more tests are ordered, discounts are provided:
10-20 samples - examination PLN 25 / pcs, with a certificate PLN 45 / pcs;
21-30 samples - examination PLN 20 / pcs, with a certificate PLN 40 / pcs;
31-50 samples - examination PLN 15 / item, with a certificate PLN 35 / item;
> 50 samples - examination PLN 10 / item, with a certificate PLN 30 / item

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Visiting the exhibition Amber Museum

Adults and children with guardians can visit the Museum without prior reservation during the museum's opening hours. 

Admission is free.
It is possible to visit the Museum with a guide. Individuals and organized groups wishing to visit the Museum with a guide are kindly requested to make reservations in advance.

Fees for guided tours:

  • Groups up to 5 people - PLN 30
  • Groups of 5 to 10 people - PLN 50
  • Groups from 10 to 15 people - PLN 70
The maximum number of people in a group is 15. 
The time for visiting the Museum with a guide is about 40 minutes.
Telephone: +48 513 511 512

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