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I want to be sure what I am selling - an interview with Tomasz Mikołajczyk

Tomasz Mikołajczyk, associated with the amber industry for 25 years, talks about his latest "going beyond accepted schemes and canons" project, i.e. the private Amber Museum in Krakow, and the purchase of a spectrometer that is "to bring the market back to normal". Where did the idea to open the Amber Museum come from? I decided to implement this idea because something like this is not yet in Krakow. This city […]

Amber defends itself - an interview with Kayah

Kayah likes and wears amber - this largely decided to be awarded the honorary title of the Amber Ambassador. In the first interview after the nomination he talks about how he perceives amber and how he intends to promote it. "Thanks to events like this amber it has a chance to stop being associated with kitschy souvenir sold at stands in coastal towns" [...]