Ambermart Gallery - for the 6th time.

16 June 2013 /  

This is the 6th edition of the Ambermart Gallery competition, which the Amber Portal organizes together with the Gdańsk International Fair SA. We are waiting for photos of the exhibitors' works at Ambermart and voices of all Internet users.

The goal of our competition is invariably the promotion of amber jewelry, creating the opportunity to present new products before the start of the Ambermart fair and to pre-probe the market and preferences of recipients. All exhibitors at this year's Ambermart Fair, who until July 29 this year, can participate in it. to they will send photos of jewelry from the latest collections with a short description. They will be presented on and Then there will be a stage of activity for Internet users - voting will take place on 05-26.08.

The official results of the competition will be announced on 29.08.2013 during the opening ceremony of the Ambermart fair in Gdańsk. Each of the organizers will award their Main Prize and distinctions.

This is the fifth edition of this competition. Among the previous winners are Art7, Polcarat Design, Jacek Ostrowski, Izabela Gutowska, Studio DF, Agata Całka, Amber Egg and Amber Mix.

We cordially invite you to participate!

Visiting the exhibition Amber Museum

Ladies and Gentlemen! From November 2023 the form of our Amber Museum is changing. The current exhibition is smaller and available to you as part of the Boruni Gallery.

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