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July 16, 2013 /  

"I have long wanted to create a place in Krakow where amber will be presented in an attractive but multidimensional way. In our activities to date, we have focused primarily on the presentation of the aesthetic values of contemporary stone products, at the Amber Museum we have combined them with educational values, "explains its originator Tomasz Mikołajczyk.

There are many such ventures in the world, in Poland it is the first such professional private Amber Museum. His mission is education, and one of the tools for its implementation is the exhibition Amber - its beauty and history, prepared by the Museum of the Earth of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw: showing the natural beauty of Baltic amber, demonstrating its uniqueness and providing valuable knowledge about the creation and history of processing . The unusual arrangement deserves special attention: the display cases next to each other contain natural forms of this fossil resin juxtaposed with inspirational examples of their use in modern art, or archaeological findings with amber jewelry stylized in the past.

Showing the nature and history of amber through the prism of modernity gives a completely different, more interesting perspective, making this stone interesting also for the layman. Maybe now it will be easier to understand why so many people in the world think that it is amber that is the most beautiful among all stones ...?

As part of the educational mission, the Amber Laboratory also has an Amber Laboratory, where a modern spectrometer - the only one in Krakow and one of three used for this purpose throughout Poland - is being tested for the authenticity of this stone. "Amber is so valued and desirable that imitations and modifications are becoming increasingly difficult to recognize. The proverbial slide and eye are not enough, advanced technology is needed to check the authenticity of amber. And we have one, "explains Tomasz Mikołajczyk.

In the very heart of Krakow, a modern Amber Room was created on an area of over 250 m2. In its elegant interiors, museum exhibits tell the fascinating history of amber, and in the museum store tradition and modernity are mixed - from classic amber beads, through delightfully feminine necklaces or bracelets, to unique sculptures and everyday objects. A respite tired from wandering around the Museum amber lovers will find in the café garden with delicious coffee and amber reading.

Visiting the exhibition Amber Museum

Adults and children with guardians can visit the Museum without prior reservation during the museum's opening hours. 

Admission is free.
It is possible to visit the Museum with a guide. Individuals and organized groups wishing to visit the Museum with a guide are kindly requested to make reservations in advance.

Fees for guided tours:

  • Groups up to 5 people - PLN 30
  • Groups of 5 to 10 people - PLN 50
  • Groups from 10 to 15 people - PLN 70
The maximum number of people in a group is 15. 
The time for visiting the Museum with a guide is about 40 minutes.
Telephone: +48 513 511 512

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