Jacek Baron's new collection seduces at first sight

12 August 2018 /  

Sometimes one look is enough to be seduced by the charm of sophisticated jewelry. Instead of fighting this feeling, it is better to enjoy the senses with the beauty of the artist's form, nature and craftsmanship. 

This is what the latest collection of Jacek Baron offers. It is important that there are no two identical forms, and the uniqueness of the products is emphasized by the artist with subtle and meticulously made bonds of the highest quality metals and ores.

In the latest collection, Jacek Baron eagerly reaches for floral and zoomorphic motifs, and his hallmark is modern and avant-garde bindings that surprise with original concepts. Jewelry is handmade, which guarantees the extraction of the unique splendor and exceptional beauty of amber.

The Jacek Baron brand is synonymous with modern design and elegance. By buying signed jewelry, you can be sure of the uniqueness of the product. Unique jewelry requires unique packaging. Each element bearing the name of Jacek Baron is placed in a specially designed wooden box with an amber-like structure. Inside there is a certificate confirming the authenticity of the model. 

We invite you to enjoy shopping the latest collection!

Visiting the exhibition Amber Museum

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