Discover the magical and healing power of amber

October 15, 2015 /  

His power was believed from the earliest times. This faith has survived to this day. 

Amber contains many valuable microelements, such as: silicon, magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium, organic compounds combined with iodine, volatile substances, resin acids.

It was found that succinic acid acts as a biostimulator - it stimulates the nervous system, regulates kidney and intestinal function, is an anti-inflammatory and anti-toxic agent. On the basis of this ingredient, ointments and creams are made for rheumatic and asthmatic ailments, skin ulcers and irritations as well as agents used to treat bronchial, throat and thyroid disorders. Acid and oil obtained from amber are also used by the cosmetics industry, because they destroy free radicals and bacteria and have disinfecting properties, as well as soothing effects of burns and insect bites. Preparations containing amber are intended for tired skin care. They improve its hydration and lubrication, increase firmness and elasticity, reduce roughness of the epidermis and smooth wrinkles. 

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Amber - its beauty and history

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