Head of the Crucified Christ carved in amber

November 14, 2016 /  

A real work of art, characterized by timeless beauty and character.

The beauty and warmth of amber has been appreciated for centuries. Its unique forms and warm color inspire to create not only jewelry, but also incredible sculptures, framed in golden frames like the one referred to in this article. 

The amber version of "Crucified Christ" was made by a family company with a 13-year tradition at the request of Marian Kellar. The company Art Amber Kuś, which is owned by Przemysław Kuś with his father Wiesław - carving takes much longer. They attach great importance to details and quality. 

When did their adventure with carving in amber start? Is this a difficult job? Is every piece of amber suitable for creating these amazing works of art? How much material do they lose during carving? 

The answers to these and other questions can be found in interview by Anna Sado for the amber.com.pl portal

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Amber - its beauty and history

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