Postcards from the Amber Museum

November 21, 2019 /  

The Amber Museum offers postcards that can be a nice gift or a memory of visiting our museum.

Amber jewelry by Dorota Cenecka, Tomasz Kargul or Jacek Baron, as well as sculptures decorated with amber sculptures by Jacek Sumeradzki and Mariusz Drapikowski, as well as objects by Herald and Eric Popkiewicz - these are just some of the exhibits from the Krakow Amber Museum and products offered in the Boruni museum gallery, which recently you can "buy" on specially prepared postcards.

"In recent years, amber products have become quite an expensive souvenir and not everyone visiting our museum in Krakow can afford even a ring or earrings with a small amber stone. However, we would like memories of visits to the museum to survive the idea of cards for as long as possible" - she explained Anna Napora, manager of the Amber Museum in Krakow.

They featured selected jewelry and exhibits that can be seen in the museum on a daily basis: amber jewelry by Dorota Cenecka, Tomasz Kargul, Jacek Baron, Maryna Lewicka-Wala and Eugeniusz Salwierz, objects by Tomasz Stajszczak and Herald and Eric Popkiewicz, as well as natural lumps of amber . Cards are to promote not only the museum itself, but also contemporary Polish amber art. The cost of such a souvenir is PLN 4 / EUR 1.

Visiting the exhibition Amber Museum

Ladies and Gentlemen! From November 2023 the form of our Amber Museum is changing. The current exhibition is smaller and available to you as part of the Boruni Gallery.

Adults and children with guardians can visit the Museum without prior reservation during the museum's opening hours.

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