A woman according to Mariusz Drapikowski

September 15, 2016 /  

The sculpture of a woman that can be admired at the exhibition at the Amber Museum belongs to a limited collection inspired by the beauty and harmony of the female body. It was created in the 1990s under the influence of cooperation with the famous sculptor Jacek Sumeradzki.

"There were literally a few of these sculptures, each one was different, but each had a characteristic elongated silhouette, each maintained in the style of Art Nouveau and made with the use of natural Baltic amber" - says its author Mariusz Drapikowski. In the sculpture on display at the Amber Museum from this mineral was made of hair: "I remember that this piece of amber itself suggested to me to use for it: blown hair in a pleasant reddish color, like from Gustav Klimt's paintings". This collection was created as a "side effect" of cooperation with Jacek Sumeradzki - the artists met briefly to implement a joint project, but the inspirations turned out to be strong enough to be reflected in the next works of Mariusz Drapikowski.

Mariusz Drapikowski, an amber artist, is known primarily for his spectacular works on sacred topics, many of which have gained the status of timeless, such as Amber Altar and Millennium Monstrance in the Basilica of St. Bridget in Gdansk and Jerusalem triptych. In his Gdańsk studio, existing since 1984, many unique artistic products were created, among which the most characteristic are the impressive size plates with fruit made of amber, glass decorated with amber, silver and wood, and silver jewelry inspired by natural forms of amber. Amber is a very important stone for him: "I've always been in love with this unique stone associated with the Baltic Sea. It is the warmth, temperature close to this human body, create a close bond, make working with it all the more pleasant. I love to revive it, framing it so that sunlight can easily pass through it. "The fittings are primarily made of silver and gold, but also other materials that emphasize the charm and color of this unique stone. Often puts it on par with stones commonly recognized as the noblest: diamonds, sapphires and rubies - as in dress for the Miraculous Image of the Virgin Mary in Częstochowa. "Although currently sacred art has absorbed me to a large extent, it is still and invariably great joy for me to" serve "man," he says. His latest completed project - amber medallion for the canonization coin on the occasion of the canonization of John Paul II - he will combine these two dimensions.

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