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January 14, 2018 /  

Amber has been an inspiration since the earliest times. In the Paleolithic, it was used to create all kinds of decorations, including amulets and artifacts. In the ancient world, he appeared in legends, local stories, and during religious rites. Thanks to its charm, it has been a source of jewelry inspiration for over 3,000 years, and Poland is currently the world leader in the production of amber jewelry, which is very popular in Europe, America and Asia.

For centuries, amber has been strongly embedded in the Polish jewelery tradition, because as many as 90% global deposits of this mineral can be found near our borders. These are deposits of Baltic amber, which we will find primarily in the Kaliningrad Oblast (Russia), but also in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine and Poland.

The perception of amber has changed over the centuries. Initially, it was an extremely important element of decorations and religious art, including the worship of the dead. Over time, the fashion, shape, size or popularity of designs changed. This led to a change in the perception of this mineral in society. Especially many young people amber stereotypically associate with old-fashioned "grandmother" design, or not very prestigious ornaments. This thinking is very wrong. Why?

Amber is a unique lump, and each of them has a different shape, shade or form. This makes it eagerly used by artists in the jewelry industry. Combined with various, decorative or precious stones, such as turquoise, moonstone or pearls, it can be a beautiful ornament or a unique gift. All lumps of amber combine well with silver, gold and other metals. All this gives a lot of scope for artists and allows buyers of amber jewelry to feel the owners of a unique product. It is important that the products offered, in addition to decorative functions, also constitute a successful capital investment. 

We are proud that our Amber Museum is one of those unique places that combines history and tradition with the latest trends and inspirations, we are glad that our activities contribute to sensitizing people to the beauty of amber, the variety of its forms and colors. Because there are no two blocks of identical shape or color, each exhibit presented is unique and unique. In our resources you can find stones in various shades - from dairy to yellow to dark oranges and reds. Enthusiasts of history and archeology will find amber lumps with animal or plant remains, as well as minerals with minerals from prehistoric eras (so-called inclusions).

Therefore, we cordially invite you to visit our museum and gallery, where you can find both unique jewelry inspired by current trends in fashion jewelry, as well as the classic with timeless designs. In addition, in addition to jewelry, we also offer original products of daily use and works of amber art.

You're welcome!

Visiting the exhibition Amber Museum

Ladies and Gentlemen! From November 2023 the form of our Amber Museum is changing. The current exhibition is smaller and available to you as part of the Boruni Gallery.

Adults and children with guardians can visit the Museum without prior reservation during the museum's opening hours.

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