Trend Book 2013+

16 May 2013 /  

The Trend Book publication aims to discover the avant-garde nature of Baltic amber, presenting the unique jewelry of Polish designers in the context of stylistic trends of original design and design arts.

Trend Book 2013+ is a review of the best design and artistic projects from around the world as well as collections of unique jewelry designed by students of the Gdańsk and Łódź Academy of Fine Arts. They interpret the six stylistic macrotrends extracted by Sławomir Fijałkowski: orgies, rave, oversized, convolutions and interaction. Each publication is illustrated with carefully selected examples of products in the field of furniture, applied arts, accessories and jewelry.

So far, three editions of Trend Book have been published, which - showing future-oriented design, stylistic and functional solutions - have contributed to a noticeable increase in the interest of professional audiences in prehistoric fossil resin and inspired several important exhibitions.

The book is available in our museum reading room.

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