Jacek Baron - designer, creator and precursor of avant-garde jewelry

August 15, 2018 /  

Today's article aims to present the silhouette of Jacek Baron, one of the precursors of avant-garde amber jewelry, not only in Poland but also in the world. We invite you to the history of innovative amber art dating back to the 1980s.

Jacek Baron has been designing and creating jewelry for over 30 years, and today his works are the considerable resources of several important museums and art galleries, including our Krakow Amber Museum.

Today's hero began in the 80s, when there was a fashion for amber "eyes" in frames of blackened silver with floral motifs. During this period of drought on the market and the lack of modern works of jewelry art, the thought appeared about creating something groundbreaking. Jacek Baron introduced a combination of silver sculptural forms with modern designs, unprecedented, often caricatured sizes. Amber in these works complemented and underlined the form. The new approach to amber art has resulted in positive reviews both in Poland and abroad.

In addition to shape, form or size, Jacek Baron's art from the beginning was distinguished by the uniqueness and precision of the finish. It is so unique that one of the stone cuts used by the artist is called "Baron Cut" in the world. The author individually adjusts the cut and setting, which makes each of his jewelry unique.

In addition, the artist created a collection of mechanical jewelry. This means that amber in Jacek Baron's jewelry create modes that revolve. Imagine jewelry that can be set in motion! It is possible and available at your fingertips in our museum.

The described achievements of Jacek Baron in the field of jewelry make the author boldly be considered one of the most important artists of the amber world. It is also worth emphasizing that these are not mass-produced works, and each product has its own unique contribution of the artist, which emphasizes the uniqueness and individuality of the works offered.

We especially invite you to read the the latest collection of Jacek Baron.

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