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Amber crème de la crème

Collection Supernatural is a unique collection that perfectly fits our goal of showing the beauty of amber. These are selected, the most beautiful products made of or decorated with Baltic amber and natural lumps of exceptional beauty. A unique museum, unique amber, unique collections. Collection Supernatural is like amber crème de la crème. These are the most beautiful examples of amber craftsmanship and unconventional [...]

Amber defends itself - an interview with Kayah

Kayah likes and wears amber - this largely decided to be awarded the honorary title of the Amber Ambassador. In the first interview after the nomination he talks about how he perceives amber and how he intends to promote it. "Thanks to events like this amber it has a chance to stop being associated with kitschy souvenir sold at stands in coastal towns" [...]

Trend Book 2013+

The Trend Book publication aims to discover the avant-garde nature of Baltic amber, presenting the unique jewelry of Polish designers in the context of stylistic trends of original design and design arts. Trend Book 2013+ is a review of the best design and artistic projects from around the world as well as collections of unique jewelry designed by students of the Gdańsk and Łódź Academy of Fine Arts. They are interpretations extracted by [...]

"Petrified Tears" exhibition

20 leading European jewelry makers have been invited to participate in this unique exhibition, the vast majority of whom have never dealt with amber before. The effect exceeded expectations. In the exhibition, which is really an interesting experiment, were invited: Sławomir Fijałkowski, Christiane Förster, Karl Fritsch, Sophie Hanagarth, Herman Hermsen, Daniel Kruger, Stefano Marchetti, Pavel Opočensky, [...]