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Jacek Baron's new collection seduces at first sight

Sometimes one look is enough to be seduced by the charm of sophisticated jewelry. Instead of fighting this feeling, it is better to enjoy the senses with the beauty of the artist's form, nature and craftsmanship. This is what the latest collection of Jacek Baron offers. It is important that there are no two identical forms, and the uniqueness of the products is emphasized by the artist with subtle and meticulously made bindings of the highest quality [...]

Facts and myths - amber, or what?

Amber is a source of many secrets and curiosities that hide the history of our planet, which is why there are many myths and stereotypes surrounding this mineral. Particular interest in the ore is due not only to its history, but also to its unique appearance. It has fascinated collectors for centuries and pleases the eyes of enthusiasts around the world. Amber color - but what color is it? I often hear that [...]

Dominican amber - adventure and beauty ...

 Indians, Columbus, Caribbean, mountains, donkey transport and Jurassic Park. It all sounds like a beautiful adventure trip. The history of Dominican amber, one of the most beautiful and the most interesting fossil resin, takes you on this amazing journey and adventure. Dominican amber is derived from deciduous trees and contains from 0 to 3% of succinic acid, so much less [...]

Amber in archeology

Amber is the first decorative stone ever used on a mass scale. He was known among others to ancient Greeks, Romans or Egyptians. He even reached the Arabian Peninsula and the Far East civilization. From the beginning, he also accompanied cultures inhabiting the Baltic territories, which is why he is strongly embedded in the European, and above all Polish jewelery tradition. (Brochure Baltic Amber [...]

Between history and modernity

Amber has been an inspiration since the earliest times. In the Paleolithic, it was used to create all kinds of decorations, including amulets and artifacts. In the ancient world, he appeared in legends, local stories, and during religious rites. Thanks to its charm, it has been a source of jewelry inspiration for over 3,000 years, and Poland is currently the world leader in production [...]

Infrared spectrometry

Effective and non-invasive identification of Baltic amber is possible. Infrared spectrometry is the most commonly used spectroscopic method of analyzing Baltic amber (succinite) and other natural and artificial resins, often constituting the basis for their identification. The use of this method in the study of fossil resins began in 1963-1964 in three research centers: in Germany, the USA and Russia. In Poland, for the beginning [...]

Fauna and flora of the amber forest, which is a few words about inclusions in Baltic amber

Discover the traces of life from 40 million years ago preserved in Baltic amber. Inclusion in Baltic amber is everything that got into it naturally, when the resin flowed from the trees. They are mainly plants and animals that lived in the amber forest, but they can also be air bubbles, water, dust, sand or [...]

Amber Chamber

The most famous work of art in the field of amber. One of the most famous and mysterious works of art of all time created from amber is - the Amber Room. The construction of the chamber began in 1701. Initially, it was located in the palace in Chalottenburg, the seat of Friedrich I, the first king of Prussia. Designed by German Baroque sculptor Andreas Schlüter, and created by Gottfried Wolfram, [...]

Amber in Poland and in the world

The second, changed version of the book by prof. dr. hab. Barbara Kosmowska-Ceranowicz available at the Amber Museum. "Amber in Poland and in the world" by prof. dr. hab. Barbara Kosmowska-Ceranowicz is a Polish-English publication showing the beauty, history and properties of amber. Written in a simple and accessible way. Thanks to the wealth of information, this book can be used as a textbook for students and academics [...]

Features and properties of Baltic amber

Baltic amber - magic stone, gold of the north. Baltic amber, also known as succinite, is the best known fossil resin formed from prehistoric trees. To date, the parent tree for Baltic amber has not been clearly established. Since the nineteenth century, the most common is the plant from pine families - Pinus Succinifera. From a chemical point of view, Baltic amber consists of [...]

Location and methods of amber extraction

Most people associate amber with lumps found on sandy beaches. However, what we currently find on them is only a small percentage of global amber extraction. Mostly Baltic amber is deposited underground. The world's largest deposits are located in the Kalinigradz Oblast, in Ukraine and in Poland in the Chłapów region. The oldest [...]

Sophisticated simplicity and elegance in Eugeniusz Salwierz

From the piece of "Baltic gold" extracts what is most valuable under its surface Eugeniusz Salwierz is a Krakow artist. He started with creating jewelry made of acrylic glass. Later he switched to amber, and his love for him was born in the mid-90s from the Dominican Fairs in Gdańsk. In the book "Amber not only on the Baltic", in conversation with Anna Sado [...]

Maze according to Andrzej Boss

The Amber Museum is in possession of the symbol of the search for a target. His amber decorations have been breaking the canons for years. As he himself says in his book, Bursztyn not only on the Baltic Sea - "I do what is playing in my soul. My goal is, above all, to look for my own way, avoid labeling, telling about jewelry in a different language each time". The Amber Museum has one [...]

Head of the Crucified Christ carved in amber

A real work of art, characterized by timeless beauty and character. The beauty and warmth of amber has been appreciated for centuries. Its unique forms and warm color inspire to create not only jewelry, but also incredible sculptures, framed in golden frames like the one referred to in this article. The amber version of "Crucified Christ" was made by the family [...]

Geometric jewelry forms

A few words about the work of Joachim Sokólski. Joachim Sokólski was born in 1946 in Warsaw. In the years 1966-1972 he studied at the Faculty of Interior Design of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Sokólski was an outstanding creator of artistic and unique jewelry. In the years 1973-1985, the artist took part in over one hundred collective and individual exhibitions in Poland and abroad. Works of Joachim Sokólski [...]

Agapė - a new exhibit

The Amber Museum at this year's Amber Trip in Lithuania has acquired a new exhibit, thus enriching its collection. Author: Reimundas Padleckas, Vilnius, Lithuania. Object: "Agapė" Materials: amber, walnut shell, fork - found in Klaipeda, in the attic of an old house, comes from the period of World War I-II. Plate - the inheritance of the artist's grandfather, comes from pre-war times. Knife - comes from the beginning of the XX [...]

A woman according to Mariusz Drapikowski

The sculpture of a woman that can be admired at the exhibition at the Amber Museum belongs to a limited collection inspired by the beauty and harmony of the female body. It was created in the 90s of the last century under the influence of cooperation with the famous sculptor Jacek Sumeradzki. "There were literally a few of these sculptures, each one was different, but each had a characteristic elongated figure, each in a style referring to [...]

Pegasus - god of thunder

At the Amber Museum in Krakow, you can admire the sculpture of the winged horse of Krzysztof Jacek Sumeradzki. In Greek mythology, it was believed that the Pegasus was born from the blood of a jellyfish, which spurted when Perseus cut off her head. Krzysztof Jacek Sumeradzki is a contemporary artist-sculptor, graduate of the Post-Secondary Advertising Studio in Ciechanów, a member of the Creative Work Association in Ciechanów and the Association of Polish Artists [...]

The amber version of Leonardo da Vinci's "Lady with a Weasel"

It is a real and unique work of art, distinguished by its lasting beauty and timeless character. Currently, the painting of the Lady with a Weasel can be admired not only in Wawel, where it is exhibited during the renovation of its home Czartoryski Museum in Krakow, but also in the Krakow Amber Museum. The beauty of amber has been appreciated for many centuries. It is a "stone" remembering the earliest history. [...]

Amber + silver = unique

The combination of amber and silver is so common that it often smacks of banality. However, in the hands of a creative creator, he can become a work of art. As in the case of Tomasz Ogrodowski and his ring, Amber and Silver from 1998. The ring, which was created almost 20 years ago, still surprises and impresses with the concept referring to the trend of constructivism. Of course, decorative value [...]