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Amber Chamber

The most famous work of art in the field of amber. One of the most famous and mysterious works of art of all time created from amber is - the Amber Room. The construction of the chamber began in 1701. Initially, it was located in the palace in Chalottenburg, the seat of Friedrich I, the first king of Prussia. Designed by German Baroque sculptor Andreas Schlüter, and created by Gottfried Wolfram, [...]

Amber in Poland and in the world

The second, changed version of the book by prof. dr. hab. Barbara Kosmowska-Ceranowicz available at the Amber Museum. "Amber in Poland and in the world" by prof. dr. hab. Barbara Kosmowska-Ceranowicz is a Polish-English publication showing the beauty, history and properties of amber. Written in a simple and accessible way. Thanks to the wealth of information, this book can be used as a textbook for students and academics [...]

Features and properties of Baltic amber

Baltic amber - magic stone, gold of the north. Baltic amber, also known as succinite, is the best known fossil resin formed from prehistoric trees. To date, the parent tree for Baltic amber has not been clearly established. Since the nineteenth century, the most common is the plant from pine families - Pinus Succinifera. From a chemical point of view, Baltic amber consists of [...]

Location and methods of amber extraction

Most people associate amber with lumps found on sandy beaches. However, what we currently find on them is only a small percentage of global amber extraction. Mostly Baltic amber is deposited underground. The world's largest deposits are located in the Kalinigradz Oblast, in Ukraine and in Poland in the Chłapów region. The oldest [...]

Sophisticated simplicity and elegance in Eugeniusz Salwierz

From the piece of "Baltic gold" extracts what is most valuable under its surface Eugeniusz Salwierz is a Krakow artist. He started with creating jewelry made of acrylic glass. Later he switched to amber, and his love for him was born in the mid-90s from the Dominican Fairs in Gdańsk. In the book "Amber not only on the Baltic", in conversation with Anna Sado [...]

Maze according to Andrzej Boss

The Amber Museum is in possession of the symbol of the search for a target. His amber decorations have been breaking the canons for years. As he himself says in his book, Bursztyn not only on the Baltic Sea - "I do what is playing in my soul. My goal is, above all, to look for my own way, avoid labeling, telling about jewelry in a different language each time". The Amber Museum has one [...]

Head of the Crucified Christ carved in amber

A real work of art, characterized by timeless beauty and character. The beauty and warmth of amber has been appreciated for centuries. Its unique forms and warm color inspire to create not only jewelry, but also incredible sculptures, framed in golden frames like the one referred to in this article. The amber version of "Crucified Christ" was made by the family [...]

Geometric jewelry forms

A few words about the work of Joachim Sokólski. Joachim Sokólski was born in 1946 in Warsaw. In the years 1966-1972 he studied at the Faculty of Interior Design of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Sokólski was an outstanding creator of artistic and unique jewelry. In the years 1973-1985, the artist took part in over one hundred collective and individual exhibitions in Poland and abroad. Works of Joachim Sokólski [...]

Agapė - a new exhibit

The Amber Museum at this year's Amber Trip in Lithuania has acquired a new exhibit, thus enriching its collection. Author: Reimundas Padleckas, Vilnius, Lithuania. Object: "Agapė" Materials: amber, walnut shell, fork - found in Klaipeda, in the attic of an old house, comes from the period of World War I-II. Plate - the inheritance of the artist's grandfather, comes from pre-war times. Knife - comes from the beginning of the XX [...]

A woman according to Mariusz Drapikowski

The sculpture of a woman that can be admired at the exhibition at the Amber Museum belongs to a limited collection inspired by the beauty and harmony of the female body. It was created in the 90s of the last century under the influence of cooperation with the famous sculptor Jacek Sumeradzki. "There were literally a few of these sculptures, each one was different, but each had a characteristic elongated figure, each in a style referring to [...]

Pegasus - god of thunder

At the Amber Museum in Krakow, you can admire the sculpture of the winged horse of Krzysztof Jacek Sumeradzki. In Greek mythology, it was believed that the Pegasus was born from the blood of a jellyfish, which spurted when Perseus cut off her head. Krzysztof Jacek Sumeradzki is a contemporary artist-sculptor, graduate of the Post-Secondary Advertising Studio in Ciechanów, a member of the Creative Work Association in Ciechanów and the Association of Polish Artists [...]

The amber version of Leonardo da Vinci's "Lady with a Weasel"

It is a real and unique work of art, distinguished by its lasting beauty and timeless character. Currently, the painting of the Lady with a Weasel can be admired not only in Wawel, where it is exhibited during the renovation of its home Czartoryski Museum in Krakow, but also in the Krakow Amber Museum. The beauty of amber has been appreciated for many centuries. It is a "stone" remembering the earliest history. [...]

Amber + silver = unique

The combination of amber and silver is so common that it often smacks of banality. However, in the hands of a creative creator, he can become a work of art. As in the case of Tomasz Ogrodowski and his ring, Amber and Silver from 1998. The ring, which was created almost 20 years ago, still surprises and impresses with the concept referring to the trend of constructivism. Of course, decorative value [...]

Popkiewicz - a family fascination with amber

Amber in this family has been collected for generations. First by my father and now also by my sons. The art studio, which Harald Popkiewicz creates with his sons, has existed since 1973. They design and make artistic jewelry and spatial forms in amber and silver. In 1983, Harald Popkiewicz received the title of master of arts and crafts, while [...]

Baltic amber vs Colombian copal

Comparative characteristics of IR spectra. Amber can basically be divided into varieties and types by its place of origin and occurrence. Its diversity, beauty and uniqueness are determined not only by the region in which this "amber" was created, but also the conditions and type of raw material from which it was created. Over a hundred varieties of fossil resins are known worldwide. [...]

A precursor of the trend for natural forms in jewelry

In the collection of the Amber Museum, you can admire the beauty and simplicity of amber in the products of the Krakow artist Maryna Lewicka-Wala. Maria Lewicka-Wala lived in 1941-2011. A geologist by profession. However, her real passion was jewelry - she began to create it from 1974. She was also fascinated by the design of clothes made of natural fabrics, sculpting and photography. From 1978, she belonged to the Polish Association [...]

Winged horse = god of thunder

Greek mythology says that the winged horse was born of jellyfish blood. And what inspired KJSumeradzki when creating this sculpture? Krzysztof Jacek Sumeradzki is a contemporary artist-sculptor, graduate of the Post-Secondary Advertising Studio in Ciechanów, member of the Creative Work Association in Ciechanów and the Association of Polish Artists of Polish Applied Arts in Warsaw. He probably inherited his love of art from his mother who was [...]

Smaller and bigger truths about the creation of amber

Amber in the world of myths and legends. The creation of amber was preceded by numerous myths and legends. In Greek mythology, the reference to the creation of the bush is found in the history of Faeton, son of Helios - the god of the Sun. One day, Phaeton asked his father for permission to ride a sunny chariot. The father was persuaded by his son. However, Phaeton, who was not trained in driving, led the solar chariot too closely [...]

Discover the magical and healing power of amber

His power was believed from the earliest times. This faith has survived to this day. Amber contains many valuable microelements, such as: silicon, magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium, organic compounds combined with iodine, volatile substances, resin acids. It was found that succinic acid acts as a biostimulator - it stimulates the nervous system, regulates kidney and intestinal function, is an anti-inflammatory and anti-toxic agent. On [...]

Copy of Princess Sibyl's necklace

At the Amber Museum in Krakow, you can see a unique exhibit: a copy of the amber necklace of the Duchess of Brest. Performing it, Marta Włodarska discovered that the original from 1610 exhibited in the Castle Museum in Malbork is not at all ... The history of this discovery may not be as fascinating as the novels of Dan Brown, but certainly very interesting - especially [...]

Amber workshops in Krakow

"There should be definitely more such meetings at which you can learn more about amber" - so agreed participants of the workshop How not to buy a pig in a poke, i.e. recognition of amber counterfeits, which took place on January 24 at the Amber Museum in Krakow. With these workshops, the Amber Museum inaugurated its educational activities for 2014. "This first meeting was his [...]

I want to be sure what I am selling - an interview with Tomasz Mikołajczyk

Tomasz Mikołajczyk, associated with the amber industry for 25 years, talks about his latest "going beyond accepted schemes and canons" project, i.e. the private Amber Museum in Krakow, and the purchase of a spectrometer that is "to bring the market back to normal". Where did the idea to open the Amber Museum come from? I decided to implement this idea because something like this is not yet in Krakow. This city […]

MSB excludes shaped amber

At the last meeting, the Board of the International Amber Association changed the regulations of the recommendation. The amendment excludes the possibility of using shaped amber (high temperature from one lump, previously cut to intended sizes) by companies recommended and enters into force with new or renewed certificates. Until now, the regulations excluded only the possibility of using pressed amber, substitutes, succinite counterfeits or subfossil resins (copals). [...]

Official opening of the Amber Museum

Friday, September 13 enrolled in amber sounds in the history of Krakow. Distinguished guests - amber lovers - came from all over Poland to the opening ceremony of the Amber Museum to celebrate this unusual event together. The opening of the Amber Museum was graced by a show of three unique fashion collections combined with the amber jewelry of the following designer duets: Danuta Burczik-Kruczkowska & Joanna Weyna and Danka Czapnik [...]

Jewelry from Poland. Simply extraordinary

Amber - a Polish treasure

The "Amber - its beauty and history" exhibition at the Amber Museum in Krakow

The newly opened Amber Museum in Krakow has prepared a real treat for amber lovers and those who are not yet: the "Amber - its beauty and history" exhibition, which introduces the world of this fascinating stone. The "Amber - beauty and history" exhibition introduces visitors to basic knowledge about amber, the most abundant organic mineral in Poland, for centuries [...]

It's here! Amber Museum in Krakow

"I have long wanted to create a place in Krakow where amber will be presented in an attractive but multidimensional way. In our activities to date, we have focused primarily on the presentation of the aesthetic values of contemporary stone products, at the Amber Museum we have combined them with educational values, "explains its originator Tomasz Mikołajczyk. There are many ventures of this kind in the world, [...]

Ambermart Gallery - for the 6th time.

This is the 6th edition of the Ambermart Gallery competition, which the Amber Portal organizes together with the Gdańsk International Fair. We are waiting for photos of the exhibitors' works at Ambermart and voices of all Internet users. The goal of our competition is invariably the promotion of amber jewelry, creating the opportunity to present new products before the start of the Ambermart fair and to pre-probe the market and preferences of recipients. To participate in […]